SeniorXRP offers state-of-the-art technologies, being an application designed and developed in such a way as to meet many needs. We benefit from many facilities and we have not yet discovered all that we can do with the help of this ERP system. The technologies we have at our disposal at the moment ensure us at least 10 years of stability, without the need for other developments.

Vasile Andrei Vita, CEO – Vitacom Electronics

The implementation of the SeniorXRP solution at Vitacom Electronics

Vitacom, one of the largest distributors of electronic products and accessories in Romania, has redefined work processes and obtained increased flexibility with the help of the SeniorXRP solution, the ERP development platform from Senior Software.

The distributor currently has simplified and stable processes, increased efficiency in day-to-day operations, greater control over the business and extended development possibilities.

About the company:

Electronics, appliances & IT&C products

Import & Distribution

over 10 mil. euros

around 85

Market expansion:
Romania, eastern Europe and western European markets

Distribution channels:
Online (online platforms – B2B portal, online store & marketplace) & offline (own brick & mortar stores & distribution through sales agents)

Overview of the project:

The purpose of the project: Automating the operations and work processes within Vitacom and obtaining a high degree of flexibility in the management of business operations.

Software solutions provider:
Senior Software
Implemented solution:
SeniorXRP – ERP system for managing complex business flows
Go Live:
June 2021
Implemented modules:
Distribution, Financial & Accounting, Fixed assets, B2B portal, Mobile app
Prezentarea generala a proiectului de implementare sistem erp la vitacom electronics

Choosing the SeniorXRP system:

The SeniorXRP solution was chosen by the Vitacom team due to the flexibility of the application, but also due to the way it adapted to the type of business carried out by the Cluj-based compan. The extremely easy access to the data in the system, the large volume of information that it can easily store in the same database, the extremely intuitive web interface and the quick way in which the system can be customized to respond in real time to the distributor's requirements are other functionalities appreciated by the Vitacom team.

The market changes very quickly, demands are increasing, and we have to adapt quickly. Therefore, it was necessary to implement a flexible solution, which is based on the latest generation of technologies, which would allow us to make changes and support us in the development of the business.

Vasile Andrei Vita, CEO – Vitacom Electronics

Asteptarile companiei Vitacom de la solutia SeniorXRP

Vitacom's expectations from the SeniorXRP solution:

By implementing SeniorXRP, Vitacom aimed to manage all the company's resources in a single database and to have access to the latest generation technologies that would allow it to simplify and make business processes more efficient.

At the same time, the Vitacom management wanted to benefit from flexibility in their work processes and extended customization possibilities.

Taking into account the large number of milestones managed, the diversity of sales channels used, but also the dynamics of the market in which it operates, the distributor wanted the solution to support the development of the company and manage all sales channels in an integrated manner.

The perfect integration of the ERP system with the other applications used by the company, in order to obtain the highest degree of efficiency and accuracy in the day-to-day activities, was also among the expectations of the distributor from Cluj.

We were looking for a solution that would suit us, with could offer support and development options. The Senior Software representative presented the SeniorXRP application to us two years ago as a suitable solution and he was not mistaken in what he said then because the system meets our needs very well.

Vasile Andrei Vita, CEO – Vitacom Electronics

Migrating to SeniorXRP & working with Senior Software:

The implementation stage of the SeniorXRP solution took place simultaneously with the relocation of the distributor of electronic products and accessories, but also with the implementation of a new solution for warehouse management, which required the reconfiguring of work flows and the adapting of the Vitacom team to the new processes and technologies. For Vitacom, this change meant moving from a 2,200 square meters warehouse to a new location, with a 5,000 square meters warehouse, fully automated and with new office spaces, with an area of 1,400 square meters.

We had the relocation and Go Live for two applications at the same time. We had to get used to the new location, to the new technologies, to be organized differently, and our colleagues were familiar with other procedures and had to adapt to the new flows, the human factor being the biggest challenge.

I trusted the implementers and my team, which were open and showed understanding, and I can say that we successfully passed this stage. Now, my colleagues can't even imagine other procedures because the current way of working seems absolutely normal to them.

Vasile Andrei Vita, CEO – Vitacom Electronics

The benefits gained by Vitacom with the help of the SeniorXRP system:

Simplified and optimized business processes, increased flexibility in carrying out operations
Easy implementation of changes and adaptation of workflows according to the company's needs
Integrated management of all sales channels and fast processing of a large number of orders
Storage and management of a huge volume of information in a single database
Easy access to updated data, anytime and from anywhere plus simplified viewing of information

The benefits we get with SeniorXRP are many. We have redefined processes, simplified them and made them more efficient. They are currently stable and very accessible.

Regarding data accessibility, our colleagues are also very satisfied. We quickly find what we need, we can order data according to our needs and even make customizations for each person.

Vasile Andrei Vita, CEO – Vitacom Electronics

Integration with the other applications used by Vitacom:

SeniorXRP was perfectly integrated with the WMS solution - warehouse management system and SeniorAWB - system delivery processes optimization, both also provided by Senior Software - the systems easily communicating with each other.

Thus, the company gained greater control and visibility over the business, thanks to the connected processes and integrated management of business flows.

As a result of the link with WMS, orders from SeniorXRP are quickly and correctly sent to the picking area, to be prepared for delivery. Any information regarding products and inventory, the stage of preparation of orders from the warehouse and more, can be easily visualized in ERP.

Thanks to the integration of the SeniorXRP system with the SeniorAWB application, the distributor has control over delivery costs and can choose the most suitable courier according to the displayed price, but also according to the delivery time or opt for a ratio between the two. Each product in SeniorXRP can be associated with detailed information about volume, weight, dimensions and even the optimal packaging methods, and thus transport costs can be calculated based on all of this data.

Thanks to the integration of the SeniorXRP solution with SeniorAWB, we can get the best courier in a certain area, depending on what we want to focus on: price, delivery time or a ratio between the two. Today I don't think we could manage without this application because it brings us very good results.

Vasile Andrei Vita, CEO – Vitacom Electronics

Flexibility and advanced customization capabilities:

With SeniorXRP, each user can easily customize their home screen from the application, by adding links to the most accessed types of documents, reports or filters. In addition, through the side panels in the application, Vitacom employees can view detailed information about selected entities, all on the same screen, with a single click. The distributor has the possibility to set certain fields in the system as mandatory, in order to force users to include all the necessary information for the optimal performance of operations and not to allow them to go to the next step if all the necessary fields have not been completed.

I believe that this flexibility to make settings in SeniorXRP is the most important thing, because it allows us to model certain processes, to easily make changes and to improve the way we work. We no longer have to say that we need certain things and that developments should be made, but simply, settings are made in the application and this helps us a lot.

Vasile Andrei Vita, CEO – Vitacom Electronics

Integrated management of all sales channels:

With SeniorXRP, Vitacom manages all sales channels in an integrated manner: IKA, Marketplace, online store, B2B portal, traditional trade. Thus, all customer orders, regardless of the source, arrive in SeniorXRP, being then sent to WMS to be prepared for delivery.

We manage all sales channels very well and if other sales channels appear, we can make the necessary settings very easily, without any problem.

Vasile Andrei Vita, CEO – Vitacom Electronics


I believe that SeniorXRP is the best solution on the market, and today if I had to choose other solutions, I don't think I would have a better one. We are still far from using everything this application can do and we will discover new facilities that will help us improve our activity even more..

I wouldn't change anything in what we did and I believe that the current technology allows us to respond to future market demands that may arise.

Vasile Andrei Vita, CEO – Vitacom Electronics