All operations are easier by barcode readers: from the preparation and verification of orders to the movement of goods in the warehouse.


Routine warehouse activities (picking, packing, receiving, placing goods, transfer, inventory) are automated using personalised workflows.

mobile app

You have direct access from the SeniorXRP mobile app to the WMS functions you need: picking, packing, receiving, placing, barcode scanning and more.

Why choose the SeniorXRP WMS module?

Benefit from basic management functions of the warehouse operations, integrated in SeniorXRP. Using the mobile app, you can easily perform operations such as picking, packing, transfer, inventory and more, directly from your phone or tablet, by simply scanning the barcodes. All this is done and transmitted in real time to SeniorXRP, which gives you permanent visibility into warehouse operations and allows employees to work much faster.

What are the benefits offered by the
WMS module??

Increased customer satisfaction

Because all operations are performed by simply scanning the barcodes, orders are prepared faster, which means that they will be delivered to customers in a shorter time.

Lower the number of returns

Preparing orders using barcode readers increases the accuracy and implicitly decreases the possibility for wrong product delivery.

Increase employee productivity

Many manual tasks are automated, that leads to a decrease in the number of errors; moreover, new employees onboarding time is much shorter.

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WMS module functionalities


The system generates picking lists and barcode labels. Picking by barcode scanning reduces the probability that wrong products are picked.


To ensure the orders safe transport, WMS suggests the correct package size and packaging material. Integration with digital printers and scales ensures label printing automation and weighing processes.


The module allows choosing the desired carrier, automatically generates the delivery label and provides the customer with information on the delivery status at each stage.


It requires less time thanks to the barcode readers that allow quick and correct goods identification in the warehouse.

Receiving and placing goods

Automates the goods receipt and placement processes starting from purchase orders or receipt notes, respectively.


The WMS module can be easily integrated with EDI, for the electronic transfer of orders, documents, deliveries to and from partners.

Batch / lot traceability

Batch and lot numbers are scanned and printed on picking lists and labels so that there are no mistakes related to the goods collected and delivered.