& Sales

Manage marketing campaigns and identify the most profitable generating leads methods. Provide your sales teams with complete information about prospect interactions and increase sales efficiency.

& Support

Decrease response time to customer requests, increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs and improve billing accuracy.


Give your customers 24/7 access to information about their orders, invoices, balances, support requests and more, through a self-service online portal.

Why choose the CRM module from SeniorXRP?

> CRM integrated with XRP

The CRM component is natively integrated into the XRP system and is not just a partially integrated module. From the marketing stage, to offering, selling, delivery and after-sales support, customer data is always up to date and accurate.

> Integrated customer data management

Easy access to offers, invoices or incidents gives each team member full visibility into all customer activities and records, which are managed within the same database.

> Visibility

Dashboards and reports provide real-time sales information to help the team manage forecasts, offers and results. You can communicate and collaborate effectively with customers through the customer portal.

What are the benefits offered by the
CRM module?

Complete control over the business

You have complete visibility into your business, because financial, marketing, sales and service data are seamlessly integrated. You can quickly find out which customers are profitable and which are not.

Information available to clients

Give customers access to the desired information about their financial status and requests sent through the Customer Portal.

Nurture team spirit

Share information in order to build teamwork within the teams that interact with customers. All departments have access to the same information and can easily collaborate.

Increased the quality of services offered to customers

Respond promptly to customer requests at any stage of the sales process - from first contact, during sales, delivery, invoicing, to after-sales service requests. Create multiple offers for the same opportunity, and once the customer has accepted the offer, generate directly the sales order and invoice from it.

Check out how SeniorXRP can fit your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully covers people needs in all departments, from HR and Finance to Procurement, Sales, B2B, or Logistics.

CRM module functions

Sales force automation

Provide full visibility into opportunities and contacts to inform the team about all interactions that could influence the sales decisions. Improve efficiency through automated lead allocation and sales management processes.

Integrated marketing

Manage leads, improve conversion rates, measure the performance of marketing campaigns, communicate with contacts, and improve productivity. Marketing teams can get leads through online forms, advertisements, direct emailing or events. They can email personalised offers and finally identify the best channels to get qualified leads.

Service & Support automation

Decrease response time to incidents, increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs and improve billing accuracy. Incidents can be created automatically via an online form or manually recorded in the system. Furthermore, they can be assigned through automatic flows to those competent to solve them. By integrating with the Finance module, billing accuracy is ensured.

Self-service customer portal

Provide customers with 24/7 access to information about costs, newly created incidents, or updates to past incidents through a self-service online portal.

Outlook integration

This integration covers all emails sent or received in Outlook. Search for leads, contacts or existing employees in the CRM and allow one-click access to the targeted entity. Leads or new contacts can be created directly from the Inbox; opportunities or incidents associated with existing contacts may be created; you can record activities and attach email content in the CRM.