Choose the perfect solution for the financial management of the company - sufficiently intuitive for small businesses, but complex enough to manage the activity of multinationals.


You have real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, quantities to order and inventory costs, so you can manage the distribution process as efficiently as possible.


The module dedicated to production helps you streamline the business processes, generate accurate prices and calculate the total production costs.


Online CRM natively integrated with ERP, for the management of leads, contacts, opportunities and customer interactions.


Get an overview of all costs associated with a project, including those for material resources, labor, services, or goods. Allocate all shared costs and overhead costs for each project, based on predefined formulas.


The barcode readers make all operations far easier than ever: from order picking and checking to the movement of goods in the warehouse.

B2B Portal

SeniorXRP is an advanced system for managing the HR information within the company, both in terms of development and professional path of the employees, as well as the personalised calculation of wages and the issuance of related statements and reports.


SeniorXRP is a business management system, dedicated to distributors and manufacturers with store sales. The system can operate in several working modes, the most advanced and widespread operation being online, directly connected to the store’s database. In this way the store’s inventory is managed in real time.