Monitor and automate all the organisation financial transactions and accounting records, in terms of payments, receivables, fixed assets or stocks, and generates the reports and accounting statements required by law.


Effectively track the money owed to your company and improve cash flow by automating the following processes: billing, recording and collecting payments, tracking balances due and payment terms or generating reports.


Manage and pay invoices for the products or services you have purchased. Take full advantage of discounts by respecting the exact payment deadlines, effectively monitor cashflow and improve your relationship with suppliers.

Why choose the SeniorXRP Finance module?

With SeniorXRP you benefit from a complete suite of capabilities designed to track daily financial-accounting operations and generate quarterly and annual financial reports.

The Finance module was designed to support the companies activity with complex requirements, but to be easy to use even by smaller companies.

What are the benefits offered by the
Finance Management module?

Efficient operations

Automation and predefined workflows save your time and help you draft faster financial and accounting statements. End-of-month closures are easier to make, with fewer errors.

A single version of the truth

Financial reports and custom dashboards that access the same database offer you real-time visibility into your company’s business and performance.

Business without borders

The multi-currency, multi-company and multilingual capabilities allow you to work on the international market just as efficiently as on the local market.

Multi-entity support

The system integrates the financial data related to several business entities, including automatic reporting, financial consolidation, intercompany payments and cashflow.

Check out how SeniorXRP can fit your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully covers people needs in all departments, from HR and Finance to Procurement, Sales, B2B, or Logistics.

Functions included with the
Finance Management module

Accounting management

Centralises all accounting information, providing real-time analysis and reporting capabilities.

Receivable management

Customer billing and receivables collection are performed automatically.

Debt management

Manages the amounts owed to suppliers and payments for purchased goods and services.


Recurring transactions, available sums, money transfers and bank accounts can be monitored in real time.

Exchange rate management

Efficiently manages international transactions and the working points activity abroad.

Tax management

Tax and duties configuration, management and reporting are done automatically and centralised.

Deferred revenue accounting

The system accurately organises and accounts for future income recognition.

Financial consolidation

Manages direct financial reporting, payments, cashflow and inter-company transactions for multiple entities.

Fixed assets

Efficiently tracks fixed assets operations and manages the depreciation calculation.


All employee information is automatically recorded and organised throughout the organisation.


Manage all payroll transactions for your company or multiple companies using automated functions.

Additional SeniorXRP extensions


Rental Management

Manage from A to Z all rental, crews, sales, projects and fixed assets operations related.

Key functions:
• Availability tracking
• Construction/demolition scheduling
• Rentals, sales and manual labour complex invoices
• Lost or damaged inventory management
• Revenue and expense management for each piece of equipment
• Scheduling maintenance and preventive repairs

Rebate Management. Off-invoice discounts

Create and manage rebate programs for partners. Set, calculate, report and generate memos for the rebates obtained. All amounts are calculated for each partner and are posted in their records.

Key functions:
• Define rebate programs for eligible customers
• Calculate rebates and generate transactions automatically based on defined schedules
• Rebate reporting by customers, items or suppliers
• Enter rebate per item, according to various criteria