Customers no longer depend on a sales consultant and can place orders 24/7 from anywhere. Moreover, they have access to updated stocks and prices.


With a few clicks, each customer can check their balance, payments, due dates, order and delivery status, or can update their contact details.

Document management

You can gather all marketing or educational materials, company policies or various documentation in a safe location and share them with customers.

Why choose the
B2B portal from

The B2B portal allows you to communicate more effectively with customers and provide them with a quick way to access their information regarding contracts, financial data, support requests, etc.

Thanks to the integration with SeniorXRP, data are always up to date, and all information regarding the customer interactions go to the same database. You can also reduce the number of support requests by giving customers permanent access to documentation, user manuals and more.

The benefits offered by the
B2B portal:

Always online

Customers can place orders or access their account information 24/7, anytime, anywhere, without the need for phone or email support.

Financial visibility

Allow your customers the opportunity to check their documents, balances, due dates, payments received or amounts due history.

Efficient sales

Business partners or resellers can view stocks or place orders, which speeds up the ordering process and frees up the sales teams.

Check out how SeniorXRP can fit your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully covers people needs in all departments, from HR and Finance to Procurement, Sales, B2B, or Logistics.

Some of the B2B portal features:


Using the self-service portal, customers can access account information, create and manage support incidents, place and track online orders, all without the need for email or phone communication. All these services are available 24/7.

Update customer information

Customer information is automatically updated, and they can immediately view and update their business address or contact information to ensure that their system data are up to date.

Incident management

Customers can report new incidents, which instantly go to SeniorXRP. They can then view them, track their status, and, if necessary, provide additional information or reactivate closed incidents.

Online orders

Business partners can use the portal to search for the desired products and to place orders 24/7. Then, they can track the status of their orders, deliveries and view the invoices.

Online catalogues

Within the portal, customers have access to your products, accompanied by images and descriptions. You control which products are visible to each user and from which warehouse they can be delivered.

Updated prices and inventory details

Stocks and prices are always up to date because the portal is connected to the same database as SeniorXRP.

Document management

The portal is a secure location through which you can provide important contents to your customers - such as marketing or technical documents - without having to build a separate web page.

Knowledge base

Its purpose is to host various information, solutions or FAQs. These articles are created and published by the specialists within the support department and offer customers a way to find answers to their questions whenever they want.