The POS module is seamlessly integrated with the other SeniorXRP modules, such as CRM, Accounting, Finance, etc.


It is suitable for organisations of any size, being able to manage even large chain stores.


Easily add other retail-specific features, such as Loyalty.

Reasons to choose the
POS module in

To be successful in retail youneed to ensure that you constantly meet and exceed the customers' expectations at the point of sale. This is becoming increasingly challenging, because as more and more competitors appear, customers tend to demand more for the same price. Therefore, the perfect POS solution must offer you the features you need to best meet customers' requirements at a convenient cost.

SeniorXRP includes an accessible POS module, which is dedicated to retailers, franchisors and regional and national chain stores. It gives you in one place all the information you need to successfully complete the in-store sale. In POS you have immediate access to information about the history of customers and orders, find out the status of orders in real time, as well as details about inventory or profitability by location or product.

The benefits offered by the
POS module:

No duplicate data

The POS module is seamlessly integrated with the other modules, including CRM, which allows you to have a complete history of customer transactions.

No errors

All information in the POS is automatically updated, because data about items, customers and prices are synchronised between the POS and the Back Office.

No wasted time

You can make transactions even when your internet connection is temporarily down.

Check out how SeniorXRP can fit your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully meets the needs of people in all departments, from HR and Finance to Procurement, Sales, B2B, or Logistics.

Some of the features of the
POS module:

  • Integrated management of customer interactions - by integrating with CRM
  • Real-time card payment processing
  • Real-time reporting for multiple locations
  • Prices and promotions with validity periods
  • Add new customers function
  • Procurement and replenishment
  • Fulfilment, delivery and logistics
  • Management of service activities
  • Management of cash&carry operations
  • Fulfilment of orders from any store or warehouse
  • Sub-items for sizes, colours, styles