Project cost

Get an overview of all costs associated with a project, including those for material resources, labour, services, or goods. Allocate all shared costs and overhead costs for each project, based on predefined formulas.


Manage all possible billing scenarios: based on cost, price, time or fixed materials, by project-specific stages or prices. Bill the work and materials depending on each customer, type of work performed or contract executed.

Time & expense

Employees, partners and subcontractors can enter timesheets into the system from anywhere, from any device with a browser. Monitor the work done and the costs incurred and simplify the process of entering data related to costs and time.

Why choose the SeniorXRP Project Management module?

The Project Management module is ideal for organisations that offer professional services, such as engineering, construction, marketing, consulting and more. It integrates perfectly with the other modules of the application: Finance, Distribution, CRM, and allows employees, subcontractors and partners to easily submit work orders and timesheets from any device with a browser.

What are the benefits offered by the
Project Management module?

Flexible & accurate billing

Set distinct billing rates depending on the activity carried out, by employee, customer or type of project carried out.

Total control over budgets

Field employees, subcontractors and not only, can easily submit work orders, time sheets, etc., from wherever they are.

Real-time reporting

Easily compare actual costs with the initial, revised or forecast costs for each period.

Check out how SeniorXRP can fit your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully covers people needs in all departments, from HR and Finance to Procurement, Sales, B2B, or Logistics.

Functions included with the
Project Management module

Change orders

Improve project management by managing variations according to the project scope, considering the internal or customer requirements. Create a variation order along with all related documentation, including the budget of revenues and expenses.

Billing values

Sets that projects are billed using the cost plus or fixed cost method. Apply the value at customer level and make it vary depending on the work performed and the type of service, to provide maximum flexibility.

Project budget forecast

Add and edit budget forecasts and compare them to actual costs and revenues for each financial year.

Timesheets attached to the project

Employees can add timesheets using the employee portal or enter project-related activities in the CRM. Any of these options link the hours worked to the relevant projects and budgets.

Integration with other modules

Project management specific functions are also available in the Finance/Distribution modules and Employee Portal. All you have to do is select where you want the Project Management module to appear.


The scalability of the solution available in the cloud allows you to add multiple users working simultaneously on multiple projects. You can manage any type of project, of any size and you can use templates to quickly create new projects with predefined settings.

Define tasks

Assign tasks to individual or general projects. Assign task-specific billing rates by project, role, or individual resource. Project budgets reflect expected revenues.

Add tasks directly

Add tasks from Microsoft Project or CRM. Information is integrated and used later in the worksheets and in the billing process.

Cancel unbilled transactions

If an invoice was generated and applied incorrectly, it can be cancelled and generated again.

Create billing rules

Manage the most complex billing rules and easily calculate project revenue based on specific key attributes.

Project offer management

Create offers, update them, link them to CRM, track versions and create projects.

Labour billing rates

Define the costs per employee, working hours, project, task and type of tariff, especially for the construction field.

Multi-currency support

The project-related transactions can be recorded in different currencies, and the projects can be managed both in the predefined currency of the system, and in another project-specific currency. Thus, project managers can view the costs and revenues in the base currency and present them to the customer in their currency.