Project management

Benefit from any contract, meet any schedule, manage the costs of operations and maximize profitability

Real estate construction

Gain complete control and easily manage customers, subcontractors and every aspect of the construction process.

Real estate developers

Manages all development projects, with 100% visibility and control, starting with their first stages and until their completion.

Why choose the SeniorXRP
Construction module

Get full and real-time visibility on all company’s operations, anytime and from anywhere.

The module includes functions such as financial management, accounting, project management, payroll, inventory, CRM, mobile app and possibilities for development and expansion, depending on the company needs.

A next-generation platform, which helps you improve collaboration between departments, automate processes and increase project visibility and profitability.

What are the benefits?

Manage projects, costs and work capacity with a solution that ties together opportunities, contracts, plans, budgets, change orders, subcontracts and others, all in a single screen.
Visibility over costs
Track costs, including total, partial, job or percentage costs. All of this data can be used in reports and estimations to approximate costs of future projects.
Foresee any change
Manage projects, budgets and track operations, changes, documents and costs in a single place, from the office or remotely.
Exact data
Create forecasts and accurately manage data regarding salaries, profit, liquidities and taxes, using financial & accounting functionalities available for multiple locations and currencies.
Better decisions
Manage labor, budgets, schedules and activity for each field agent, from the office or from home, with access to a global view of the project, updated in real time.
Continuity and safety
The high number of users that can work in the system at the same time, the role based access and the mobility guarantee the flexibility, efficiency and continuity of operations, any work scenario being covered.

Construction Management
included functionalities

Document management

Manage plans, contracts, specification sheets, emails, orders, images, inspection reports, etc. Role-based access settings can be applied for any kind of document.


Create concrete links between information in any contract and each operation in a project, including variation orders.


Budgets are linked to contracts, accounting and plans, for better management of costs, orders, profit, tariffs, external costs, etc.

Operating costs

Integrate costs with labor, materials and equipment into the system, using any device, transmitting data and synchronising project data with accounting data.

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Change orders

Amendment orders can be used in the profitability analysis and some important indicators (budget, costs, revenues, profitability, etc.).

Daily field reports

Easily manage field work, with each employee having all the information they need in real time, receiving notifications for any event or variation.

Project billing

Automatically confirm and generate invoices for materials, proforma, or interim from a single screen.

Subcontractors collaboration

Integrate your data with that of your partners to streamline project management.

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