successfully gives answer to Constructions challenges!

Increased profitability

This means the ability to increase the number of works without increasing the overhead costs

Collaboration & mobility

Everyone involved in the project sees the same information, accessible from mobile devices

Information safety

Access to data is based on roles and complex approval flows can be implemented

What benefits are gained?

Improved decision making processes, thanks to having access to accurate, centralized data
Increased productivity by eliminating manual operations from all projects
Increased collaboration efficiency with employees & partners, thanks to the mobile accessibility
Improved customer relations, costs being accurately estimated and controlled
Versatile functionalities, for the needs of any time of player on the construction market
Complete control over the company, at executive, operational and project levels

Effective cost control

Because you manage multiple projects and businesses at once, you need visibility into overall performance and quick access to details to manage ongoing projects and estimate new ones.

SeniorXRP offers flexible ways of capturing and managing costs based on a flexible structure, approval flows and a mobile application for time sheets, equipment sheets, receipts and field invoices. These are integrated with budgets, projects, inventory, procurement, equipment, billing and suppliers for details on actual costs, promised costs and costs to complete.

Accounting for operations

In addition to managing each project, you need to pay attention to the financial aspects of your business. For example, throughout the vendor management process, everyone should be able to see the invoices, specifications, purchase orders, and status reports so that payments can be made correctly and on time. At the end of each month, you should be able to close the financial period as quickly and accurately as possible.

SeniorXRP provides automation and workflows that streamline accounting processes. Using customisable templates, you can launch projects with an approach to contracts, budgets, billing and accounting. By automating the closing processes, you can manage the end-of-month activities with fewer errors.

Access from mobile devices

The SeniorXRP mobile app helps you to:

Organize day-to-day tasks for employees
Give field employees immediate access to budgets, costs, contracts, purchase orders, plans, specs and inspection reports
Capture data in document form and connect it to information from construction apps
Give system access to clients and subcontractors, so that anyone can be up to date with accurate information

Integration with specialized applications

Microsoft Office 365
Adobe Sign

Extra functionalities for Constructions

Advanced approval

Unlimited development possibilities

Multi-entity & multi-currency


Rental management
with SeniorXRP

The SeniorXRP Rental Management extension allows you to manage all operations you need, such as: generating offers, setting flexible pricing and billing policies, viewing availabilities by date, automated logistics operations, team management.


Integration with

Smartsheet is 100% integrated with SeniorXRP, which helps managing projects, operations and resources. Field operators and project managers can use Smartsheet to reschedule tasks and resources quickly and easily. Changes are sent back to SeniorXRP to update the information from projects. Users who perform back-office processes for projects, such as cost calculation, procurement, and expense processing, can do this directly in SeniorXRP.