To support users, SeniorXRP has several features designed to make working with the application easier and to minimise the effort involved in operating data by automating processes.

Approval/allocation workflows

This feature allows the use of approval/allocation maps, in which you can determine how documents and records in your company are approved/allocated. Approval maps determine who and how approves various documents or transactions, and allocation maps are used to automatically allocate different entities: customer accounts, incidents, opportunities, etc.

The purpose of this feature is to reduce the time spent approving/allocating, these activities being performed by SeniorXRP automatically.

The application also allows all operations to be managed in one place, in a simple and intuitive manner, through the approval form.

Event monitoring and management

SeniorXRP manages 3 types of events:

  • Those planned by users
  • System data changes
  • Planned system condition checks


These are covered by the following 2 functions of the SeniorXRP application:

  1. Events: The function allows the monitoring and management of events organised by employees, customers, or suppliers. Users can create these events in the system - which can be meetings, seminars, fairs, or conference calls. SeniorXRP gives users the ability to send personalised emails to all participants based on notification templates. Templates can be defined to invite potential participants to the event, reschedule or cancel an event.
  2. Business events: the function allows monitoring the events that occur in the system when users perform various activities. These are either special actions, data changes, or conditions that require user’s attention. You can configure the system not only to monitor certain business events, but also to perform certain actions: to email notifications or to run certain actions defined under an import scenario. The system performs these operations in any of the following cases:
    • Some data change in the system. For example, in the contract management area, you can configure the system to email a notification to the customer when the contract is activated.
    • Certain conditions are met, which the system checks according to a schedule established by you. For example, in the opportunity management form, you can configure the system to send an e-mail to the opportunity owner when one month has elapsed from the estimated closing date, and the opportunity has not been modified for 7 days. The system performs this monitoring once a day.


The system allows the creation of automated notifications regarding the events that take place within your organisation, such as: training sessions, work meetings, conference calls or fairs. Users create events and invite prospects, contacts, and customers to participate, and the system sends invitations to the specified potential participants. Users are also reminded of the details of the event and are notified when changes are made to the organised event or if it is cancelled.

In addition, notifications regarding documents can be configured. Specifically, users can sign up to receive system-generated emails when specific changes occur to certain documents.

Process automation

The automation functionality offered by SeniorXRP allows you to change the existing business logic, associated with certain screens, so that it is suitable for the processes and requirements specific to your business.

Using the screen automation, you can add document statuses, provide different values for certain items, or make certain items unavailable, depending on the status of documents. For example, you can configure the system so that low-value invoices are automatically approved and paid in the form of invoices and adjustments, while high-value invoices require approvals that can only be made using the form of invoice approval for payment.

You can also create automation schedules and set that document processing be performed automatically in accordance with the schedule, only for documents that meet specific prerequisites.

For certain forms of documents, processing logic is implemented through automation steps created specifically for the respective forms and can be modified through these automation steps. The automation step is a set of conditions established for a document, which, when achieved, determines the performance of specific actions or the application of restrictions on values.

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Field-level security and auditing

Automatic data processing has made it necessary to protect sensitive information and, implicitly, tracking user actions in the system. For this purpose, SeniorXRP offers the field-level auditing function, used to monitor, and record actions performed in system forms. This feature records every change made by users in SeniorXRP, such as: changes to documents and their properties, changes to customer accounts, changes made by employees, or changes to security policies. You can also see exactly who and when made each change.

Reporting time per each activity

Through this feature, SeniorXRP allows users to report the time they spend on each activity. This time can be marked as billable, in which case it is necessary to specify the type of gain related to the activity. The type of gain determines how the system calculates the cost of employees’ labour and is divided into two classes: the cost of standard working time and the cost of overtime. Activity time can be associated with a task that has a specified approver. In this case, the time must be approved before it can be sent for billing.

Scheduled processing

With this feature enabled you can configure automatic document processing, which requires significant time and system resources. You can define a schedule for such automatic processing - for example, when there are no employees at work, such as weekends or nights.


The DeviceHub application is used to define the list of printers and manage the printing activities. DeviceHub is a Windows-based application to which SeniorXRP sends push notifications when documents are required to be printed. It can be installed to run on a workstation or on a server independent of a user session.

GDPR compliance

The application has tools designed to simplify handling of personal data. With their help, such data are protected, and users can restrict the processing of information, as needed. SeniorXRP provides GDPR compliance tools that allow you to:

  • Follow in the system whether the consent of individuals for the processing of personal data has been obtained or renewed
  • Restrict the processing of personal data to certain persons
  • Delete and restore personal data
  • Find out who restricted the processing of personal data or deleted personal data from the system, when the event occurred and what data were restricted