Production estimation

Start any production process with a quick and correct estimate. Based on the estimate, the production team can easily calculate costs and prices for new or existing components using data such as cost of materials, rates by business place, or overhead costs.

Product Configurator

Increases the quality and process accuracy of making complex products. Easily configure product features, options, and sizes to minimize the order fulfilment time and to increase the performance of the production process. Configure and modify recipes and production routes at any time, without affecting the activity.

Production planning

Optimize production activity by real-time planning of all key elements: materials, production capacity, process stages and factory schedule, at factory and production unit level. Production planning allows manufacturers to meet customer demands by setting correct delivery dates, based on the actual availability of resources.

Why choose the SeniorXRP Production module?

The activity of the manufacturers is not limited only to what happens inside the factory. This also considers suppliers, transport network and distributors that provide the raw materials and other materials used, as well as retailers and customers that use the products and generate demand. Therefore, in order to meet the specific challenges of the market they belong to, they need correct information, received in a timely manner, as well as efficient collaboration, both within the company and at the level of the logistics chain and the network of partners. All this can be achieved with the help of an integrated ERP system, capable of providing complete visibility over the entire business.

SeniorXRP is based on modern, capable web technology to integrate information from several modules. All data updates are instantly available throughout the system, so there are no delays in the exchange of vital information. Document management functions and easy-to-define workflows contribute to increase data accuracy, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken and that all necessary approvals, documents and other data are included. The system also successfully improves production planning and control.

What are the benefits offered by the
Production Management module?

A single solution for your business

The Production module integrates seamlessly with the other modules of the application and provides real-time coordination of business activities in one place.

Grows alongside you

The system offers complete functions for any type of production and adapts to your business as you grow and develop.

Respect promises made to clients

Use the Capable-To-Promise functionality to meet customer requirements depending on production capacity and material availability.

Encourage collaboration

With SeniorXRP, collaboration runs smoothly both within your organisation and within the distribution chain, because you can add an unlimited number of users.

Check out how SeniorXRP can fit your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully covers people needs in all departments, from HR and Finance to Procurement, Sales, B2B, or Logistics.

Functions included with the
Production Management module

Production estimation

Estimation of items that are not in stock

Make estimates for products you don’t have in stock and easily attach notes, files, and item attributes to estimates.

New items creation

Easily convert items that are not in the inventory to storable or non-storable items. Create items and generate production recipes directly from the estimate.

Production orders creation

Create a production order directly from the estimate.

Integration with sales

Attach an estimate directly to a sales order or opportunity. Create sales orders directly from estimates.


Easily create estimates for any location of your company.

Product configurator

Order configuration

Configure any item using default features and options. The results of a configuration can be further transferred to a production order.

Dimensional capability

Use several calculation methods and dimensional formulas to calculate the raw material requirements for a certain configuration component.

Search order history

Easily search for a previous configuration made for a customer and create a new order starting from it, possibly making various adjustments.

Multi-level configuration

The solution supports multi-level configurations for regular items, by creating multiple production orders for each configured item.

Formula validation

Validate calculation formulas based on the minimum and maximum values of attributes or quantities related to selected features and options.

Production recipe and phases management

Recipe versions

Maintain a complete recipe versions/recipe implementation phases history. Save and view multiple versions - past, present, and future - along with the reason for changing the version.

Production phases

Document the entire process using detailed work instructions and the ability to insert notes at each process step.

Fixed or variable overhead costs

Define unlimited fixed or variable overhead costs at the level of operation and business unit.

Expiration dates

Control the planning and use of materials according to expiration dates.

Dummy items

Use dummy items to simplify the structure maintenance of component groups or materials related to several products.

Flexible production recipe copying

By copying the recipe, you can attach an existing recipe to another item to have an alternative recipe or you can easily set up a similar new item.

Cost allocation by production recipe

Use flexible cost allocation for one-level or multi-level recipes per item or location.

Production management

Production orders modifications

Manufacture products according to earlier versions of production recipes or alternate the versions, replace operations or materials as needed.

Critical materials

Easily find out what raw materials are missing from production orders. Generate purchase orders and production orders for the missing components, from the same screen.

Material tracking

Send storable or non-storable materials and components to a production order. Records lot and serial numbers for the verified items.

Barcode integration

Use barcodes to record labour and material transactions, as well as stock transactions, including delivery, receipt, and inventory.

Lot and series tracking

You have complete traceability of lots and series throughout the entire product lifecycle. Record the lot or serial number upon receipt, delivery or transfer.

Labour tracking

Record labour by production orders for each employee. Record and track downtime.

Event auditing

Track all production activities related to a production order, including description, date and time, or user ID.

Material requirement planning

Exception messages

Track the list of recommended actions - shipping, postponing, or cancelling supply orders - in order to ensure that your factory is operating at its optimum parameters and orders are being delivered on time. Identify delayed orders and display available transfers from another warehouse or location.

Sales forecast

Make forecasts to generate production planning from sales history and/or manually.

Production planning

Material requirements are planned based on production planning. This will be handled as a pre-planned production order and will operate as a supply order for other requests.

Details of material requirement planning

Review and run the entire material plan directly from the Material Requirement Planning form, which displays all activities, orders, requirements, stocks, and recommendations for an item.

Production Scanning

Use barcodes to record transactions involving labour, materials, and monitor the production processes progress in real time. Functionality also allows you to scan and track stock transactions, including delivery, receipt and inventory.

Matrix items

SeniorXRP offers advanced matrix item management capabilities, optimising all processes in the life cycle of an item by automating and simplifying operations.

SeniorXRP successfully manages any type of production:

  • SeniorXRP for the production of small-batch and unique items
  • SeniorXRP for project-based production
  • SeniorXRP for traditional/make-to-order production