Reasons to chose the SeniorXRP mobile app

With the SeniorXRP mobile app, users have quick access, wherever they are, to sales, CRM, service or project management features. They can easily add sales orders, offers, opportunities, events, tasks, view customer history, make cash or card receipts, send emails, accept merchandise and much more.

The benefits obtained through the
mobile app:

You're connected 24/7

The mobile app connects you to the SeniorXRP database in real time.

Gain more from your mobile devices

The mobile app can access phone-specific capabilities, such as your camera or fingerprint reader.

Minimize the effort required for data entry

All data changes are automatically synchronized between the mobile app and the SeniorXRP system.

Data security

The authentication to the mobile app is a two-steps process, for added data security.

Check out how SeniorXRP can fit your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully meets the needs of people in all departments, from HR and Finance to Procurement, Sales, B2B, or Logistics.

Some of the
mobile app features

Barcode scanning

You can easily scan product barcodes directly with your mobile phone.

Navigation tabs

Based on a detailed list of suggestions, users can easily navigate to the most frequently searched items.

Employee location via GPS

Due to the GPS location available in the SeniorXRP mobile app you can verify your field employee’s location.

Task management

Create events in the mobile app and then edit them in the SeniorXRP’s CRM module.

Push notifications

Notifications concerning events created in SeniorXRP can be sent to users in the form of push notifications directly on their mobile phones.

Approvals and revisions

Review and complete approvals for working hours, expenses or sales orders, in just a few clicks, directly from your mobile device.

Custom fields

Depending on their specific needs, users can create custom fields in the mobile app.

Update working hours

Immediately report the working hours, making changes to them from anywhere, directly in SeniorXRP.

Application interface

Main Menu
Create New Opportunity
Partner Account Summary
WMS - Scan & Issue
Create Shipping Route


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