Inventory management

You have real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, quantities to order and inventory costs, so you can manage the distribution process as efficiently as possible.


The processes of offering, accepting, receiving and fulfilling orders are performed optimally; you can set rules to manage complex scenarios, such as multiple deposits, returns, credit limits and more.


The stock of raw materials, components or finished products is always provided, because the procurement processes are optimised
and automated.

Why choose the SeniorXRP Distribution module?

Manage sales orders, track stocks, fulfil orders, improve your procurement process and provide customer support wherever you are. Thus, you will be able to better organise the supply process and logistics activities - including warehouse and order management - and integrate them with other departments.

The Distribution module helps to improve customer satisfaction, reduce order processing time and increase cost control throughout the supply chain.

What are the benefits offered by the
Distribution Management module?

Happy customers & lower costs

Optimise the distribution processes, track the stocks in real time, manage the goods in transit, automate the purchase orders and calculate the storage costs.

Minimal order processing times

Eliminate delays with the automated sales orders processing and delivery documents generation. Rules can be defined that allow a more efficient management of several warehouses, returns, credit limits, dropshipping orders and more.

Visibility over costs

You can calculate your profitability in real time for each warehouse, product line or business place. You can use real-time information to gain better control over the entire supply chain.

Check out how SeniorXRP can fit your business model!

Choose the solution that successfully covers people needs in all departments, from HR and Finance to Procurement, Sales, B2B, or Logistics.

Functions included with the
Distribution Management module

Inventory management

You have real-time access to information about available stocks and goods in transit, you can automatically order the required quantities and find out the inventory storage costs.

Manage the distribution process so as to maximize profit and maintain customer satisfaction. The management of locations and goods becomes much simpler, regardless of volume.

Sales management

Optimise sales orders processing and delivery, segment orders by multiple warehouses, allocate stocks, check due dates, create stock replenishment requests, manage returns, etc.

The alerts and notifications that can be set help you improve your entire workflow and avoid delays.

Procurement management

Centralised and automated procurement processes allow you to reduce costs and improve your relationships with suppliers.

SeniorXRP features allow the automation of the entire procurement process, from executing the requests for offers to the payment of invoices.

Requests for offers

Complex distribution processes, involving many manufacturers and suppliers, are simplified and easier to organise.

Optimise how you collect requests for offers, get prices, create and approve offers, manage purchases, and fulfil orders for internal or customer needs.

Financial and accounting management

Benefit from advanced features such as unification of accounting records, automatic revenue calculation or consolidated accounting.


Matrix items

SeniorXRP offers advanced matrix item management capabilities, optimising all processes in the life cycle of an item by automating and simplifying operations.

Key functions:

  • An unlimited number of item groups and up to 50 different attributes/item
  • Smart item codes and descriptions
  • Full integration with all SeniorXRP modules
  • Attributes, descriptions and groups can be used in multiple matrices
  • Generate items based on combinations of features, descriptions, constants, etc

Barcode scanning

Reducing human errors in order processing and avoiding returns will improve relationships with your customers. The barcode scanning and the check system of goods to be delivered eliminate the risk of wrong delivery - whether it’s the quantity or the product itself.

Key functions:

  • Define rebate programs for eligible customers
  • Calculate rebates and generate transactions automatically based on defined schedules
  • Rebate reporting by customers, items or suppliers
  • Enter rebate per item, according to various criteria